Privacy Policy

DeerCast (“App”) was created and developed by Drury Marketing, Inc. (“DMI”) for use by hunters in the course of hunting. By downloading and using this App, each user (hereafter¬†“YOU”) acknowledge and agree as follows:

Information Collected.

DMI collects information in the following manner:

  1. Information you provide to DMI. This would include, but not be limited to, name, address and location information but only if you choose to save your location, and any content you upload to the App including photos, videos or text submitted by you. By using the App, you agree to provide DMI with a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use such content for marketing purposes.
  2. Information DMI obtains from your use of the App. This would include, but not be limited to, any likes or comments submitted by you.

How DMI Uses Information Collected.

  1. We use the information collected to improve the services offered as well as to offer new services.
  2. We use the information collected for marketing purposes to determine interests and information that may be relevant to you.
  3. We provide some of the information collected to our partners for marketing purposes.
  4. We use your contact information (username, email address, phone number, etc.) to verify the account and to personalize the services that we provide to you.
  5. DMI will use your contact information to market other content and services that DMI has created or produced or that DMI’s partners have created or produced. In addition, DMI will provide your email address to its partners so that DMI’s partners can market their products and services to you via email.
  6. DMI will use your location information to provide real time and forecast weather information.

How is the Information Stored.

The information collected is stored on servers maintained and operated by a third-party. DMI does not own, maintain or operate the servers. The information will be stored in the United States. Information associated with your account will not be deleted if you remove or delete the App from your phone.

Public Information.

Certain information you provide by using the App is public information. This would include the following:

  1. Your username, profile information, time zone, language and information posted using the App; and
  2. Any posts, comments, photos or other information provided while using the App along with the date and time of such publication and the version of the App that you used when publishing such content.

All of this constitutes Public Information which is available to anyone at any time.

User Control over Information Provided/Collected.

You will be able to control your personal account information including name and email address.

You will not be able to tag other users in photos submitted in the App.

You will not be able to direct message other users within the App.

You will be able to find content by searching by the poster’s contact information.

Only your name and username will be public. Your contact information will not be public information.


The App will contain ads and information from DMI sponsors. This may include links to third-party websites. If the user clicks on a link, the sponsor may collect information about the user including the fact that the user came from the App as well as additional information about the user such as your IP address and cookie identifiers. DMI does not control what, if any, information any third-party may collect.